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[texts]PC Zone - Issue 106 (2001-09)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 106 (2001-09)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pubusher; pcz; ttie; gaming; graphics; multiplayer; gameplay; tech specs; sudden strike; unreal tournament; street price; system processor; vat manufacturer; minimum system; specs minimum; dennis publishing; star wars
Downloads: 1,126
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 102 (2001-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 102 (2001-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pcz; zone; pczone; graphics; publisher; unreal; gaming; unreal tournament; street price; quake iii; team fortress; electronic arts; tech specs; system processor; evil islands; space combat; moon project
Downloads: 801
[texts]PC Games Magazine (May 1996)

Keywords: die; und; sie; den; mit; das; sich; von; auf; sie die; wenn sie; sie sich; sie mit; mit den; mit der; mit dem; auf die; und die; auf der
Downloads: 444
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 040

Keywords: game; software; erm; ihe; atari; commodore; games; graphics; screen; spectrum; sound effects; full instructions; bug hunter; video games; screen display; psi creatures; jump challenge; jet set; ice shards; high score
Downloads: 2,045
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 031

Keywords: games; game; ihe; spectrum; software; atari; commodore; print; lor; computer; video games; machine code; jet set; spectrum price; software houses; gold collection; set willy; disk drive; atari vcs; arcade action
Downloads: 1,666
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 023

Keywords: games; ihe; game; atari; software; spectrum; crll; print; computer; video; video games; machine code; low price; arcade game; computer games; bbc model; software house; seventh empire; ihe game; games news
Downloads: 1,953
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 041

Keywords: game; adventure; software; games; spectrum; atari; commodore; ihe; graphics; computer; keith campbell; scott adams; spectrum software; video games; simon marsh; star wars; games including; fire button; english software; arcade games
Downloads: 1,056
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 054

Keywords: ihe; spectrum; software; game; adventure; atari; commodore; games; lor; graphics; preditor preditor; keith campbell; red zoid; laser basic; machine code; video games; ideas central; critical mass; sound effects; roller coaster
Downloads: 1,537
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 123

Keywords: ihe; tor; lor; game; cvg; games; amiga; tht; graphics; atari; master system; tim boone; game gear; super nes; graphics sounds; super famicom; silica systems; paul rand; super mario; sounds playability
Downloads: 1,018
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 096 (2000-12)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 096 (2000-12)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; pcz; online; zone; publisher; multiplayer; dec; quake; graphics; tech specs; system processor; minimum system; specs minimum; unreal tournament; star trek; grand prix; flight sim; midtown madness; sudden strike
Downloads: 909
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 104 (2001-07)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 104 (2001-07)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; ttie; online; pcz; pubusher; gaming; gameplay; graphics; multiplayer; star trek; street price; serious sam; vat manufacturer; tech specs; space combat; star wars; elite force; deep space; unreal tournament
Downloads: 280
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 108 (2001-11)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 108 (2001-11)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pubusher; pcz; ttie; gaming; gameplay; graphics; rpg; anarchy online; red faction; street price; max payne; theme park; vat manufacturer; computer games; tech specs; space combat; system processor
Downloads: 665
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 098

Keywords: poke; sys; ihe; amiga; game; uves; graphics; arcade; unlimited; uves poke; lives poke; unlimited lives; unlimited uves; unumited uves; hit squad; space harrier; paul rand; crazy cars; altered beast
Downloads: 714
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 101 (2001-04)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 101 (2001-04)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pubusher; ttie; pcz; graphics; rally; multiplayer; tor; steel soldiers; strategy game; colin mcrae; tech specs; street price; bridge commander; hostile waters; vat manufacturer; space combat; rally masters
Downloads: 768
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 089 (2000-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 089 (2000-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; ttie; pcz; pubusher; unreal; graphics; online; gaming; ram; unreal tournament; tech specs; specs minimum; star wars; minimum system; system processor; final fantasy; strategy games; strategy game; star trek
Downloads: 859
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 016

Keywords: print; goto; games; ihe; poke; url; atari; bbc; endproc; video games; endproc def; print print; ram pack; data data; goto url; trb url; machine code; carry flag; bbc micro
Downloads: 1,070
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 088 (2000-04)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 088 (2000-04)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pcz; zone; publisher; quake; star; apr; internet; unreal tournament; star wars; tech specs; tomb raider; quake iii; star trek; specs minimum; minimum system; grand prix; system processor
Downloads: 1,079
[texts]Computer and Video Games - Issue 180 (1996-11)(EMAP Images)(GB)
Computer and Video Games - Issue 180 (1996-11)(EMAP Images)(GB)
Keywords: saturn; playstation; game; games; sega; fighter; virtua; cvg; arcade; super; street fighter; virtua fighter; mortal kombat; mega drive; fighting vipers; saturn version; resident evil; super nes; scorched planet; ridge racer
Downloads: 571
[texts]Personal Computer Games Magazine Issue 14

Keywords: game; games; spectrum; commodore; software; graphics; screen; bbc; adventure; joystick; games january; screen test; bob wade; peter connor; personal computer; good software; knight lore; fire button; sound effects; print ink
Downloads: 467
[texts]N64 Magazine - Issue 036 (1999)(Future Publishing)(GB)[christmas edition]
N64 Magazine - Issue 036 (1999)(Future Publishing)(GB)[christmas edition]
Keywords: game; mario; games; nintendo; smash; rumble; wwf; kong; rally; bros; donkey kong; smash bros; south park; resident evil; memory card; mario kart; game boy; super smash; top gear; jet force
Downloads: 319
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 08

Keywords: atari; game; amiga; games; offer; commodore; software; spectrum; amstrad cpc; tgm; special offers; personal computer; games machine; base colours; version update; dark side; bulletin boards; football manager; hot shot
Downloads: 699
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 091 (2000-07)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 091 (2000-07)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pcz; zone; publisher; quake; gameplay; interactive; combat; wing commander; space combat; red alert; star wars; star trek; tech specs; system processor; specs minimum; minimum system; flight sim
Downloads: 888
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 071 (1998)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)[christmas edition]
PC Zone - Issue 071 (1998)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)[christmas edition]
Keywords: game; games; pcz; ttie; pubusher; quake; sim; graphics; adventure; ram; tech specs; specs minimum; system processor; minimum system; flight sim; force feedback; railroad tycoon; ram supports; tomb raider; hard drive
Downloads: 332
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 027

Keywords: ond; games; ihe; spectrum; software; game; adventure; bbc; computer; ore; video games; keith campbell; machine code; donkey kong; bbc model; style game; mail order; disk drive; arcade action; theme graphics
Downloads: 1,912
[texts]Computer and Video Games - Issue 188 (1997-07)(EMAP Images)(GB)
Computer and Video Games - Issue 188 (1997-07)(EMAP Images)(GB)
Keywords: games; playstation; game; saturn; mario; sega; nintendo; cvg; best; arcade; best race; best lap; final fantasy; star wars; mario kart; video games; tomb raider; time crisis; dark forces; playstation sony
Downloads: 387
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 069 (1998-11)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 069 (1998-11)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; pcz; quake; zone; pubusher; interactive; graphics; actua; carmageddon; grand prix; star trek; actua soccer; tech specs; minimum system; specs minimum; system processor; pga tour; tomb raider; prix legends
Downloads: 328
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 066 (1998-08)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 066 (1998-08)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; quake; sim; pcz; publisher; interactive; zone; graphics; website; details developer; big deal; electronic arts; final fantasy; eidos interactive; flight sim; tech specs; minimum system; ubi soft; tomb raider
Downloads: 529
[texts]Mean Machines Sega Magazine Issue 14

Keywords: game; sega; games; megadrive; sonic; ore; mega; ihe; tor; master system; street fighter; sega megadrive; game gear; mega drive; james pond; virtual pinball; megadrive review; megadrive games; super kick
Downloads: 469
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 08

Keywords: atari; game; amiga; spectrum; commodore; disk; software; games; tgm; offer; base colours; special offers; disk offer; football manager; amstrad cpc; version update; software houses; dark side; games machine; bulletin boards
Downloads: 914
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 097

Keywords: arcade; amiga; game; graphics; software; ihe; games; spectrum; sega; hit squad; star wars; space harrier; double dragon; paul rand; zealand story; graphics software; virgin megastore; play ability; software limited
Downloads: 605
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 028

Keywords: print; games; poke; software; spectrum; game; ihe; goto; program; computer; video games; print ink; machine code; print print; sound effects; call color; video game; ram pack; high score; full instructions
Downloads: 1,368
[texts]SNES N-Force Magazine Issue 07

Keywords: super; snes; game; ihe; level; games; graphics; player; force; mario; snes force; street fighter; day score; super mario; super nes; sensible soccer; super empire; martial arts; action replay; super league
Downloads: 764
[texts]GamePro - Issue 090 Volume 08 Number 03 (1996-03)(IDG Publishing)(US)
GamePro - Issue 090 Volume 08 Number 03 (1996-03)(IDG Publishing)(US)
Keywords: tap; game; button; motion; combo; gamepro; games; xband; defense; street fighter; donkey kong; press button; deep outs; mortal kombat; quick outs; super nes; madden nfl; ultra combo; combo breaker
Downloads: 297
[texts]Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue 037

Keywords: software; games; game; msx; spectrum; adventure; computer; commodore; arcade; graphics; jet set; computer games; adventure game; msx basic; tape tabs; computer game; fast loading; video games; sound effects; software projects
Downloads: 1,051
[texts]SNES N-Force Magazine Issue 02

Keywords: snes; super; force; game; player; graphics; mario; infinite; games; nintendo; snes force; street fighter; super mario; day score; infinite lives; royal rumble; game boy; title screen; action replay; crash dummies
Downloads: 326
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 038 (1996-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 038 (1996-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; adventure; interactive; graphics; strategy; games; sim; windows; quake; version; electronic arts; flight sim; adventure game; virgin interactive; strategy game; grand prix; wing commander; gremlin interactive; platform game; pga tour
Downloads: 529
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 050 (1997-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 050 (1997-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; jedi; graphics; player; pentium; zone; software; internet; special reserve; creative labs; championship manager; dark forces; sound blaster; red alert; star wars; light sabre; jedi knight; flight sim
Downloads: 735
[texts]Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue 096

Keywords: amiga; spectrum; game; software; graphics; atari; games; arcade; indiana jones; operation wolf; paul rand; dragon ninja; double dragon; altered beast; zealand story; alien syndrome; hit squad; space harrier
Downloads: 433
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 076 (1999-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 076 (1999-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; pcz; adventure; zone; quake; interactive; graphics; gaming; pubusher; tomb raider; tech specs; adventure games; system processor; specs minimum; minimum system; electronic arts; monkey island; champions league; total annihilation
Downloads: 285
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 092 (2000-08)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 092 (2000-08)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pcz; tomb raider; publisher; minimum system; zone; quake; adventure; aug; tech specs; interactive; unreal tournament; ground control; system processor; specs minimum; quake iii; resident evil; electronic arts
Downloads: 633
[texts]Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue 098

Keywords: poke; sys; amiga; unlimited; graphics; games; arcade; game; unlimited lives; lives poke; unumited lives; unlimited uves; uves poke; double dragon; altered beast; virgin megastore; indiana jones; stunt car
Downloads: 395
[texts]Computer and Video Games - Issue 183 (1997-02)(EMAP Images)(GB)
Computer and Video Games - Issue 183 (1997-02)(EMAP Images)(GB)
Keywords: games; game; playstation; saturn; fighter; sega; dash; kain; nintendo; namco; virtua fighter; street fighter; mega drive; video games; nba jam; killer instinct; super nes; red alert; rage racer; mortal kombat
Downloads: 364
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 034 (1996-01)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 034 (1996-01)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; sim; games; adventure; tlie; zone; flight; graphics; internet; flight sim; hit squad; tech specs; sound cards; rebel assault; electronic arts; adventure game; hard disk; direct debit; credit card
Downloads: 578
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 021

Keywords: games; print; atari; spectrum; ink; computer; software; goto; game; video; video games; sinclair spectrum; machine code; atari vcs; donkey kong; high score; computer games; arcade game; full colour; seventh empire
Downloads: 2,225
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 026

Keywords: games; game; software; style game; machine code; atari; computer; program; spectrum; graphics; call char; video games; video; user defined; arcade game; video game; defined graphics; atari vcs; arcade style
Downloads: 1,387
[texts]Computer and Video Games 1985 Special

Keywords: print; ihe; games; ond; computer; game; dirk; return; adventure; call call; video games; computer games; return rem; sword button; full time; top ten; golden joystick; bug hunter; best selling
Downloads: 848
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 101

Keywords: ihe; amiga; game; sega; tha; games; arcade; graphics; iim; code mstrs; space harrier; turbo outrun; hit squad; space rogue; paul rand; operation wolf; ice palace; golden axe; rainbow islands
Downloads: 632
[texts]Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue 108

Keywords: amiga; game; games; software; super; graphics; atari; sega; code mstrs; dragon; master system; game boy; hit squad; sega megadrive; zealand story; richard leadbetter; shadow warriors; space harrier; double dragon
Downloads: 540
[texts]PC Games Magazine (February 1993)

Keywords: die; und; den; das; sich; mit; auf; ein; von; mit dem; man sich; und die; mit der; das spiel; auf der; auf die; auf dem; kann man; auf den
Downloads: 133
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 029 (1995-08)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 029 (1995-08)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; adventure; games; sim; interactive; doom; zone; graphics; strategy; flight; electronic arts; flight sim; virgin interactive; hit squad; interactive entertainment; magic carpet; micro machines; star wars; platform game; direct debit
Downloads: 293
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